Another Chapter

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I read once that Aquarians are obsessed with time. I’m not sure about astrology, but know I’m always marking time, trying to find a way to capture moments before they escape. It’s like trying to catch a bubble without popping … Continue reading

A month and a couple days

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So this isn’t the post I imagined I’d write, the one about the hell I walked into when I finally arrived at this house after months of being gone, the delayed flight, late arrival, crazy day of shopping so I’d … Continue reading


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I traveled from the coast on Wednesday with the plan of going to an expat Thanksgiving in Cotacachi, but Thursday afternoon my friend and I both decided we weren’t in the mood.  Saturday afternoon I drove into Quito with her … Continue reading

Monte Cristi

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Arturo is my Realtor. I found him doing a property search when I discovered there’s a Remax office in Manta. It’s owned by an American (who I haven’t met. he flew to the states the day I arrived) and his … Continue reading

Guayaquil to Manglaralto

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On a highway, somewhere in the city of Guayaquil, there’s a giant monkey in the middle of the road. I don’t know what else to say about the monkey. Walking out of the gate of Taqua one evening I saw … Continue reading

Cuenca, Ecuador

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We only came to Cuenca for two full days. It was a little sketchy getting here. Our first van was one we opted for after the large bus was full. Turns out the operator wasn’t licensed to have 15 people … Continue reading


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Montanita is a surfer/tourist town.  when I ask google maps to find it it has no idea what i’m talking about.  thankfully the bus company did.  the trip was long with an unexpected 24 hours layover in Lima.  I had hoped … Continue reading

Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo

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So here it is. 46. I never could imagine what it would look like, and am still pretty confused about the whole thing. I do know a birthday in Montevideo was never in my wildest dreams, so i’ll just focus … Continue reading

Buenos Aires, February

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Today was our only entire day in the city. Tomorrow we leave for Uruguay. I remember about 20 years ago coming across a postcard or something from an area here called La Boca. I wanted to see it. We made … Continue reading

Bocas Del Toro, November 2009

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Coming into Bocas Del Toro. At the end of the runway was the town’s baseball diamond. Get too deep into center field and you’d be on the tarmac. Our pace for the next week. the most beautiful, peaceful beach i’ve … Continue reading